Pavani Diwanji

Software Engineer, Java Group, Sun Microsystems

Recent Fun Project: BoloWeb

BoloWeb is a web tool to view and join ongoing Bolo games on the net.
For more information, check out the BoloWeb page

Personal Data

More about me
I love computer programming and watercolors. If I have any time left, I spend it analyzing the financial market. My favourite programming languages are C and Java in that order. And my favourite computer is the Macintosh, of course! I also like my palmtop Psion. I love doing network programming but hate threads with a vehemance! Amongst all the programs I have used, I like Quicken the best. Painter comes a close second. My favourite watercolorist is Rodin. I also like the work of american painters Homer and Reid. I do realistic landscapes and abstract figures - dont ask me why! I find human moods and figures too complex to paint a realistic image. I love the indian traditions, the french attitude, the english humour, sea-green eyes and the irish guiness. American laws, indian beurocracy and the english food put me off.
M.S., Computer Science, Stanford University
B.E., Computer Science, L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, 1986-1990
Stuart Cheshire

Current Favourite Web Sites

  • Paul Cezzanne's Work
  • Britannica Online
  • Available public transport details

  • In celebration of India

  • 50th year of Independence

  • My most recent creations (using painter)

  • Flower Bunch
  • Interesting Web Pages

  • Random Number Generation

  • Contact Points

    Home +1 (415) 497-2399 (from campus phones, 7-2399)
    Work +1 (415) 473-7116
    PO Box 8323, Stanford, CA 94309, USA